10:30am April 27, 2014

The wind is changing
It brings a new sound
If everything goes the perfect way
This blog can come back to life.

7:04pm February 16, 2014

The Reason and The Possible solution

Most of you guys have noticed my absence, and I have to explain hat happen for this.

Well, I finally hit the bottom this summer ( It’s summer here for me) and tried to end myself. Since then I have been working on some stuff to make myself …. well healthier, I have started to take care of myself and my body and … I have to take care of mind as well, and or that I made a promise to be myself for a whole year, and that means… No hide myself or my feelings behind my characters. 

Although this is hard it’s not impossible and I am… dealing as well as I can with this. But I miss you guy. Most of you became really great friends with me for the past of the years, and I still love and miss you. so…If anyone misses me too and wanna talk and occasionally rp just for the funny of it, without a longer commitment,  add me on Skype and let’s keep in touch 



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1:00pm January 13, 2014

I am a little depressed, so … I can’t write… 
sorry folks. 

8:13pm January 11, 2014

Almost a fairy Tale. II Marie and Cael


She leaned ever so lightly into him, still clutching his hand as she began to eat hungrily.

She did not answer until she had finished all the soup, but that was not long - and she asked softly, worriedly “Does she have you do other things?”

Perhaps she could help him.

He watched her  with a small pleasure to see she enjoyed his food, it was very rare when Cael had cook for someone other than him, and it made him quite happy. Once she was finished he listen to her and licked his lips thinking… He didn’t have to do much things, just …some kidnappings here and there… He had three hostages in the last 150 years, two of them… killed themselves before he could even explain what was going on…Forsome reason he didn’t want her to do the same.

"No… Not as long you live… She has…More than just me in her prison." 

7:06pm January 11, 2014

Almost a fairy Tale. II Marie and Cael


"Why does she want me here?" She asked softly, as she accepted his hand, holding it a little tightly; needing comfort.

She glanced at the soup, before moving to sit on the bed; though not relinquishing his hand, reluctant to let go, to lose the contact.

He grabbed the tray and sat next to her still holding on her hand gently, she was too sweet, too kind… That was not nice. What happen was… Wrong, if he only could… he would liberate her and let the anger and fury of the witch fall upon him, that way he would die and finally be free…

"Maybe we could… Dinner together for now on." He smiled " You could even cook with me… Could be fun and … Help you forget, why you’re here "

6:51pm January 11, 2014

Almost a fairy Tale. II Marie and Cael


She frowned, confused why he was apologising. “You didn’t have a choice~” She whispered, hesitating, before asking “What will happen if I escape?

And… do you have to do anything else to me?” She watched for his response nervously, as she stood again, slightly awkwardly - not knowing what she should do.

If she would have to live here for the rest of her life… It would be nice if she could trust him, get along with him; but she didn’t know yet if that would be an option.

She couldn’t be certain he was telling the truth.

"If you run away… I’ll have to go get you no matter what." he explained and offered his hand for her to get up again. " My witch did not told me how I had to treat, that’s why I can be nice and …Friendly to you Miss. " he explained with a  more kind, less sad smile. 

"Please… Do eat. The soup will get cold." 

6:36pm January 11, 2014

Almost a fairy Tale. II Marie and Cael


Her eyes widened, the compliment causing only a minor flush - simply because she was too focused on his plight.

She moved cautiously over to him, kneeling at his feet, gently touching the silver chain; as if examining it, trying to work out if she could get it off.

Looking up at him, she asked softly “Why didn’t you say? You… you could have asked me to come with you? Told me why, before~”

He watched her curiously  with the tilt of his head, wondering what was she trying to do? Take the chain off? Oh dear he had tried it before, but he can not leave the castle he leaved, nor he could disobey the witches orders… 

" I can not do things without her concern she said I had to kidnap you and lock you inside for as long as you live… " he said in very ashamed tone. " And that’s what I will do… ANd I am very sorry"

6:24pm January 11, 2014


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6:20pm January 11, 2014

Almost a fairy Tale. II Marie and Cael


Marie didn’t answer for a long while, curled up on the bed. Eventually, she slowly sat up, tugging her legs underneath her as she answered quietly “You can come in.”

When he did, she watched him cautiously, fearfully; asking softly “Why am I here? What do you want from me?”

He hadn’t made advances, hadn’t hurt her so far; simply taken her and locked her away. He couldn’t want her for ransom, the state of her clothes showed just how poor she and her family were; so why? What could he possibly want with her?

He walked inside carefully, letting the door open behind him, just to prove her he would not harm her in any how. Or at least that was what he wanted her to think. 

Cael set the tray on the bedside table and sighed sadly looking down . ” I … I don’t want nothing of you child… But the woman who owns me..” he said and lift the one side of his pants to show her a silver chain around his ankle. ” I was captured when I was very young and ever since I have to do whatever that evil woman tells me too… That included steel you… The most beautiful woman in the land.”He said and walked away from her. ” The chain will only break when the spell on me is broken…Sadly, she never told me how to break the spell…” 

 he shook his head, and grabbed the tray ” I made you toast.” he pointed at the pile of buttered toast ” And some soup… It can be quite cold inside.”  he sketched a smile on his face, but it looked sad… broken, as he was. ” I can try make your life here a bit…easier.”

5:02pm January 11, 2014

I am back from the beach, I am tired, sunburn and very very lazy sooooo 

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